from my prom- had a great time, danced a lot, food was tasty, everything was great <3 

and together with my friend we were laughing sooo much! whenever he is around, jokes just happen + we drunk champagne, cheers for boobies <3 


GLASSES ARMIN. YES.  god why do I like drawing him so much ghhhhh little blond shota baby let me love you


shhhhh no tears. just love.

Guide to digital art!


Step 1: take out and plug in tablet

Step 2: open up art program of your choice

Step 3: pull up a reference image or two

Step 4: set a music playlist

Step 5: scroll tumblr dash for 3 hours

Step 6: cry


Erwin participating in No Shave November


can u tell i’m v artblocked….

our lovely darling rico <3


as much as i miss snk every time a manga update is coming i dun get excited i just get this really bad nervous feeling in my stomach like you’re about to walk into a room expecting to find dead bodies. you don’t want to look but you need to know if everyone is ok.


spoopy draw for october.

Can I eat you?.. (restored the cover as much as I could))